Pinnacle Peak Senior Care Frequently Asked Questions

Many people feel overwhelmed when it is time to find an assisted living facility for a loved one. This is one of those things most don’t want to think about until they absolutely must. When you begin, it can be hard to discern fact from misinformation. The assisted living lifestyle has changed significantly over the past years. The first step in this journey is to gather information that will allow you to make the best decisions for your loved one. The following questions will help shed light on this topic.

Is Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living Facility open 24/7?

Yes, Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living Home is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What types of payment options are available with Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living?

Pinnacle Peak Senior Living offers checks as a payment option.

Are meals and diet options available at Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living?

Our facility offers 3 nutritious home cooked meals as well as snacks. We also work closely with your provider and dietician for any special diets such as low sodium, low fats, cardiac diets, etc.

Does Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living have a nurse on call?

Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living has a nurse on call 24/7

Are the employees at Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living licensed?

Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living has state certified caregivers and managers

Does Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living have any disability options?

Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living Home offers handicapped bathrooms with grab bars and walk-in showers

How Do I Know My Loved One Is Ready to Move into an Assisted Living Facility?

Although the process of looking for a new home is difficult for both you and your loved one, there comes a time when this transition needs to be made. Some of the signs he/she might exhibit are forgetfulness, inability to handle or take medications on their own, needing assistance bathing, grooming and toileting. He/she might experience frequent falls, inability to stay hydrated, poor eating habits, etc. For a more detailed answer feel free to reach out directly to the facility.

How do I talk to my loved one about moving into a care home?

Some of the apprehension has to do with ‘change’ and some stems from the ‘unknown” as to what a care home has to offer. It might be helpful to first bring them for a tour so he/she can have an idea of what a care home is and the services we offer. This will also give you and your loved one a chance to ask questions.

Will My Relative Have to Downsize When They Move to an Assisted Living Facility?

Yes, this is part of transitioning to an assisted living home but we work with both you and them to make their livable space as homey as possible.

Should I Visit Right After My Loved One Moves into an Assisted Living Home?

Absolutely, as this aids in a smoother transition and having you visits will add to the things he/she are familiar with.