Welcome To Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living Home

Welcome to our home!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our facility, Pinnacle Peak Assisted Living Home. My wife, Ema and I were introduced to the healthcare field over 7 years ago by working as live-in caregivers in a facility similar to ours.

We are now in the prime of our lives, energized and enthusiastic about operating our own facility and are continuously looking for ways to innovate and improve our services. Together we believe in the power of continuing education as it ensures we are providing care to the current and highest standards. Having worked as caregivers has given us both the insight, knowledge and experience which we can now use to improve the quality of care we provide. We find that it not only takes intellectual understating to be a caregiver, but more so compassion and empathy especially through the most vulnerable moments of a resident’s life.

My wife and I were there, hands on through the most vulnerable moments, the ups and downs, which can include the transition period of a resident into their new home and through the changes in their level of care. We understand the importance of helping a resident adjust to a new routine, new home, new family. To allow for a smooth transition, we took the time to learn of their unique needs, preferences, hobbies and life stories. We encouraged participation in activities to help develop friendships and comradery with one another as well as staff.

After being a caregiver for so long, Ema felt the need to structure the experience she gained as a caregiver and continued her education to become a Registered Nurse.

As a team, we are committed to provide high quality care and are actively involved in the training of our staff to ensure they are providing the same quality of care we hold high and admire.

We understand that the process of entrusting the care of a loved one to another person can be an emotionally charged and trying period. Therefore, we will work as a team alongside you to ensure a holistic understanding of your loved one needs in the initial admission and throughout their stay.

Kind regards,

Steven and Ema Mohaupt